2022-10-18 20:00:00 Uhr


© Christian Ducasse

Phil Durrant (UK) – modular synthesizer
Bertrand Denzler (FR/CH) – tenor saxofon
Burkhard Beins (GER) – perkussion

Die Gruppe besteht aus dem Londoner Elektroniker Phil Durrant, dem in  Paris lebenden schweizer Saxofonisten Bertrand Denzler und dem Berliner Perkussionisten Burkhard Beins, allesamt langjährige Protagonisten der global vernetzten Experimentalmusik-Szene.

“This is disciplined, focused music, the sound of people really thinking and playing, and close attention is consistently rewarded.” The Wire

“Trio Sowari is one of European EAI’s most consistently impressive working units.”
Paris Transatlantic

Trio Sowari’s first release, Three Dances, was one of the musical highlights of 2005. Happily, their follow-up, Shortcut, is every bit as good. – Brian Marley, Signal To Noise